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Post  Sue on Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:46 pm

Channelled Message
'The Elohim'
We have come to you today, through aeons of time, and yet, in distance, not so far, for it is the heart that undoes the distance. For the Universe is made up of particles of the Whole and within the All is contained the All.

We offer you clarity, in the knowledge that if you wish to partake of anything within the All you only needs to call upon it, for it is part of who you are.

So it is, that we suggest you summon all your desires, from the substance that you are made from, and that being the truth, they will manifest, like iron flying towards a magnet.

The point, in the equation, that you are lacking, is the belief in the Whole--and that as you command and summon--it must respond to your requests.

Now you can see then, that nothing can hold you back in reality--just the belief that you are separate, from what it is, you desire.

For now, we will tackle the issue of your being at one with money. For it is a substance that has taken form, and as such, you can receive this form.

If you can see that it is just a vibration--like tinkling stars--and needs to be called to you so that it can take form as money in your hands.

It is simple, and yet complex, in its ability to be where it needs to be, and yet it comes where it is called.

It is like calling the vibration of a tree into your existence. It will not uproot itself and walk across land and then plant itself in your garden. No, the entire Universe will construct itself around you, calling trees into your vibration.

Much, is moved around on planes you cannot see, and on one level you can understand this. Yet, when it comes to the domain of money, you repress your urge to ask, and hence do not command the Universe to move it into your sphere.

So, what is it about money that creates this?

Firstly you see it as a man made construct. Yes, it is in part, yet is it also not made up of universal particles of energy? And then you see that it has a life of its own, making decisions to whom it flies to. Silly! For somewhat in that definition you give it far too much credit!

You cannot be apart from something that is energy alone, for when energy is commanded it will respond.

Now let us look at the belief, that you have to make money. Is it not so, that in your system you cannot print out bits of paper and call them money? So what is it, that you make?

You make a portal for its transition into your hands--and how do you make that portal? You take the focus of the making of it--for you cannot make energy--it already exists, and then, you can just gently allow its vibration to be manifest for you.

This is achieved, by seeing yourself as a vibrational being, at all times, and, as such, your vibration can reach out far and wide allowing the focus of your desires to become reality for you.

So, when you attempt to 'make' money, there is no vibrational link to experiencing having something through the love of receiving.

For you to receive, it has to be, that you are open to receiving that vibration within your energy field.

Now, if you were to set your sights on receiving the vibration of money, in exchange for your openness, and sharing of yourself--it can be so, in reciprocal fashion.

And, if you choose to feel the energy of frustration, through not sharing your gifts, that will be so also.

So it is, that 'you' are the creator of money, and not some mystical talent that is going to conjure up a pot of gold!

For you think you deserve trees and cannot imagine living without them and yet you put all manner of restrictions on the acquiring of money. Seems silly doesn't it!

We have no desire to push you beyond your belief system and yet, if you are willing to let go of this belief system, so much awaits for you in wonderful surprise.

It is a magical world that you reside in and magic is contained within it, to be played with.

If you can imagine if you took the 'charge' out of 'money' how magical it could be!

We see that the word 'charge' has not been lost on you, for when you 'charge' another it can be plus or minus--either repelling or coming towards. Without 'charge' it is neutral and, as such, creates no 'charge' within you.

We wish to leave you with these words to ponder that which is open to deeper and deeper dialogues.

With love and gratitude, your ELOHIM friends. Thursday 28th July 2011


"She does not show herself, and therefore is apparent. She does not affirm herself, and therefore is acknowledged. She does not boast and therefore has merit. She does not strive and therefore is successful. It is exactly because she does not contend, that nobody can contend´╗┐ with her."
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