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ArchAngel Metatron - Faith

Post  Magenta on Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:48 am

Blessings little one. As the energies within the universe are in the process of aligning to other universal energies outside of your galaxy. This means geomagnetic storms and solar flares will greatly affect your planet, causing weather extremes and possible interference with your satellite systems. As these energies gather in strength, some physical symptoms may be felt, such as headaches, emanating on the right hand side of the brain, fatigue, and a feeling of irritability. Should you experience these symptoms, try to find an environment near water. Alternatively, use Amethyst and Selenite, together, held within your auric field, to help alleviate these symptoms.

This year calls for a large number of humans to recognise the importance of faith. Many of your challenges will be mirroring the universes need for faith to take centre stage, so that these energies hold and carry mass-consciousness through the ascension process. Experiences will arise to help you question what faith is. Who and where do you put your faith? Is faith a major part of your life?

All these questions are very prudent at this time, because your belief, your trust, creates the foundations for your life. If you do not have faith in yourself, the universe will mirror this back to you. You will find those around you disrespect you, belittle you, see you as unworthy.

The challenges your planet faces at this time, the challenges ‘you’ are facing at this time, are calling out for you to wake up to that which you are resisting. The financial chaos, the food shortages, the chaotic weather, are mirroring back to you that your world is in chaos. In the past, I have spoken of the fact that you are energy, and energy attracts to it energy of an equivalent nature. You are energy within this universe. Universal energy, both light ‘and’ dark, passes through your physical body every day. Right now, you are floating in a vast ocean of energy. If you begin to change the energy within yourself, then you will change the dimensions of the energy which you are drawing to yourself. To believe what I am telling you, requires faith. The disorder and confusion upon your planet can be changed. If you have faith in your ability to change your own environment, your own circumstances, then you will have an impact not only on the energy you are drawing to yourself, but also to your planet, and ultimately the universe.

All of you have the ability to create a butterfly effect, and reverse the chaos your planet is currently experiencing. The population of your planet is expanding at a far too rapid rate, which in the long term, means the demand for resources will be too great on the existing supplies. The ascension process requires an act of faith; the belief that, despite the chaos currently being experienced, mankind shall prevail. Throughout history, you will find examples of those societies and cultures which were destroyed by living in denial. The Roman Empire fell, and instead of humankind learning a valuable lesson, a re-enactment on a global basis is a high probability if humankind fails to change. A refusal to see what is happening, results in chaos. If you have a small crack in the wall of your home and you skim over the surface, without investigating the cause, then somewhere off in the future, you will find your home is in major need of structural repair. A crack is an omen that something has changed in the structure. The ascension process calls out for you to begin to investigate, and repair the cracks that are appearing in your own lives, so that you create a butterfly effect around the world.

El Morya has been teaching you that money is energy. In order to have more money energy; you have to move money energy. If you believe that money is scarce and hard to come by, then the universe will mirror this back to you. If you have faith in your ability to manifest money; if you have faith that you will be lucky through the current economic crises, then the power of your faith will carry you through, and ensure that you are supported.

If humankind is suffering, then the cracks within your societies need investigating and repairing. So many times we have tried to teach you to value one another, and create a strong community. Whilst many humans now turn their backs on religion, originally it was a way to create community, a way of uniting souls through beliefs. I know that for many of you beautiful spiritual souls, you feel helpless, but remember the chaos theory. If you make a small change within yourself, you will be making a bigger contribution on a global scale.

To have faith is to have conviction that you can bring about great change. Faith, just like money, is an energy. If you have tried manifestation, but found it didn’t work for you, then the reason for its failure was you lacked faith. Faith is one of the major structural supports in life. Peace, fulfilment, abundance; all of this you should be able to create effortlessly, if you had faith. If you doubt what I am saying, look at all those who are successful. The underlying factor in them achieving their success, was they had faith; they held conviction that they would succeed.

Perhaps some of you wonder if you have faith, but every soul has a level of faith. The vast majority of you have faith in your doctors. You will happily go along to a doctor and accept a prescription, without questioning if you have been diagnosed correctly. You blindly accept what is told to you, and after collecting your prescription, you readily pop into your mouth a pill, without understanding what you are taking, and the consequences of your actions. Your acceptance of your doctor and the medicines handed to you, are a sign of faith. If you still feel you don’t know what faith truly is, then Hebrews 11:1 will help.

This coming year, consciously question where you are placing your faith. Is your faith founded on evidence? Is your faith founded on belief, and if so, do you have conviction in that belief? Throughout time we have urged you to investigate everything… to question. Faith is not just believing in something. Faith is not just blindly accepting something as being true. Faith is having conviction in something, or someone, that is true to you. If you hired a builder, do you place your faith in the fact that someone else has told you they are good, or do you investigate this builder. Take time out to investigate what he has already built? Think of yourself as a spiritual butterfly. If you begin to question and choose wisely where you place your faith, so too will the rest of the world. This is how you effect change on a greater scale.

Finally, remember that no matter how much faith you put in others, the one true place you can always find faith, is in yourself, and God, light, the one-conscious energy.

Blessed be.

Archangel Metatron.

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