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Post  Sue on Fri May 04, 2012 5:46 pm

more Crystals Rhodoc10
Colour: Pink to Rose, White & Yellow

Card Name: "The Dance of Freedom"

Chakra: Heart (4th)


Number: 4

Cultures: Incan & Argentina

Embracing the experience of Joy, or perhaps the lack of Joy is at the heart of the suffering of Humanity. We each enter into this life to embrace our "Dance of Freedom". As childlike, joyous and eternally free beings, Souls are reborn into physical bodies to realise our full potential. The Butterfly, as shown in the Rhodochrosite card is a symbol of self transformation and evolution. We, as Soul, are like the caterpillar that climbs out of its cocoon to become an angelic-winged creature of light and motion. As the emerging butterfly, we develop our full capacity to soar to new heights spiritually.

Rhodochrosite was known as the "Rose of the Incas". It was held in highest regard as a sacred flower - like gemstone to the Incas, an ancient race who dwelled in South America after the fall of Atlantis. The Incas reached a high level of development, incorporating spiritual principles into their everyday lives. With its rose colour, Rhodochrosite has come to represent the passion and beauty of love, reminding us of the open heart chakra. By cleansing this area of patterns of Pain and suffering Rhodochrosite helps us create a model of energy that embraces harmony, peace and joy. This is accomplished by the dissolution of the bonds that bind us to our old dysfunctional ways of being.

Rhodochrosite has a deep connection with Mother Earth, the feminine and matrix of Goddess energies. The more translucent carries of this gem, though rare, are one of the most potent carriers of balanced feminine power. They can open doorways through love, that connect us with the flow of unconditional love and freedom that were present at our creation. It is a gemstone that is almost always born in the wet caverns and caves of the Earth's womb. It is becoming known that Rhodochrosite can have a stabilising effect on the brain, assisting us in the evolution towards using more of the full capacity of the brain. This is achieved by this gem activating the non physical aspects of the mind and aligning them with the dormant conditions I the brain. Much of this alignment can take place while we are in the sleep state. Rhodochrosite encourages deeper sleep and may ease some sleep disorders by its presence.

This is an excellent gemstone to use at the crown or 3rd eye chakra while meditating. As you lay down with this stone, imagine the gemstone gently pulling the energies up from your heart to the top of your head, which will further refine the heart mind connection.

Look for the "Ceremonial eyes" within the swirls and Formations of Rhodochrosite, to help you link with the unseen.

Best with: Rose Quartz, Garnet, Moonstone, Clear Quartz Crystal, Selenite and Aquamarine.

The message of Rhodochrosite is: "Dance sing and emerge from your earthly cocoon"

Rhodochrosite has come to you to aid you in connecting with the child within. Is there an aspect of your situation or experience that is perpetuating wounds you received many years ago? This can be an opportunity for you to cleanse and heal any old wound or emotional pattern that needs taking care of. Open yourself to the resonance of Rhodochrosite, and allow it's energy to bring any wounds that still need healing to the surface.

Rhodochrosite may also be indicating to you that you have lost touch with the more childlike aspects of yourself. These aspects can teach you many great spiritual lessons as you reconnect with your innate curiosity, creativity, and wonder. Surrender yourself to your higher self and God/Goddess/All that IS. Reclaim your childlike faith that all will be provided.

Go within, and clear your energy of old traumas and wounds that no longer serve you, so that you can begin again with the innocence and purity of a child. Allow the energy of Rhodochrosite to sooth, comfort, and aid you in your healing.

Chakra: Solar Plexus and Heart

Affirmation: I resonate with love, and release all else to the Universe.

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