Earth And Her Quest For Ascension

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Earth And Her Quest For Ascension

Post  Magenta on Tue May 01, 2012 10:15 am

Earth and her quest for ascension

The earth as a being is ready for ascension.

We as humans call the earth "mother earth", but the fact is she is not our mother.

There is however a difference between us and the earth, we give the earth human properties or see the earth as we see another human sometimes, hence the name "mother".

We as humans have a body, a body that lives and dies; the earth has a body that just lives within our universe susceptive to all the elements in our universe.

The earth was created by many smaller objects of space dust forming a large planet we call the earth. There are many planets within our universe, the question is does each planet have a consciousness like the earth, does a star have a consciousness, does a meteorite have a consciousness?

Each particle by itself has a consciousness, so each space particle has a consciousness.

So if we have a large planet made out of space dust, what is the consciousness?

Is it one being that went into the earth after the earth was created or is the consciousness a combined consciousness of all space particles/dust.

And if it is one being, why did it go into earth, if it's a combined consciousness what is it.

When we talk to the earth it seems to be more like one being that we can talk to, that listens and gives answers.

Now there seem to be more conscious beings or conscious nesses upon earth, like the plant consciousness, the animal consciousness, but we can also talk to each of them separately.

We can talk to one specific plant or animal.

All these beings, plants, grass etc., they grow within the soil of the earth, but they are different than us, we have a heart. The earth has a heartbeat, but the heartbeat we hear is the flowing of the energy within the earth. The energy flows like our blood, like it is being pumped and we can hear this and feel this.

The most inner core of earth is at the highest frequency, this is where the ascension process of earth has begun.

Now ascension is happening in our entire universe as this is a naturally evolving universe. The earth has not been able to ascend as she was caught within the dimensional grid we as humans have been using to stay and move deeper into a physical seeing and feeling reality.

You could almost say we held the earth hostage as we played out our games of experiencing physical life.

In the beginning the sacred places where leylines connected where used to maintain higher vibrations as more and more humans started to lose their connection on a spiritual level.

This all started in the time of what we usually see as Atlantis and or Lemuria, we see this as certain civilizations but they were also certain time periods and there have been more of these periods that were called Atlantis and or Lemuria.

Pyramids and other buildings and devices were built as power structures, electrical grids and communications grids between humans.

These were on the earth, not in the earth.

They were used to assist humans to stay connected to the universe, other planets and their own spiritual being and reality.

When we look back at these times and look at our own memories, I wonder if there was any communication at that time between the earth and humans.

When we look at more recent civilizations like the Native Americans, the Mayans etc., we do see some type of communication with the earth and elementals, plants, fire and so forth.

The idea that most of them lived in balance with nature is however a bit of a misunderstanding.

Many groups were traveling and the reason they were traveling was because they were looking for food. They would run out of food and would move on to another area where food was available. In this way they would also run into other groups which sometimes would end up in fights over the area because of the food.

These could be fights to the death, so if you think those times were more peaceful, think again.

There were fewer humans, and there was no TV or internet so not many would know about all those fights like we do now.

They would work with nature spirits as they were trying to find out their purpose in life and were trying to find their way through life.

They named the earth their mother as their food was provided by the earth.

There are so many assumptions being made about past times and we sometimes see the past as more preferable then the present but is or was it really that way?

No point in trying to go really back to that way of living as the amount of human beings upon earth require way different ways of living than in the past anyway.

We can make changes as far as how we use the earth and the surface of the earth, and we can live more in balance amongst each other.

But let's be real, we are all humans with emotions and to think everyone can walk around loving and peacefully all the time is more of an illusion than anything else.

The whole point of having this human experience is to experience the full range of emotions available within the human. The question is can we experience it without others feeling hurt, and or getting hurt physically?

But that has nothing to do really with living in balance with the earth and nature energies.

There are ways to live more in balance with how we use the earth and her soil to grow and prosper in ways that is beneficial for all.

But even this is something we have to think about as I was just watching a documentary about wind energy. There are about 400.000 birds killed per year by these windmills, and the windmills warm up the ground as they pull in the hot air during the night. They cost more to heat up in the winter than what they actually provide as far as energy.

So green energy is a good way to go but will have to be adjusted and the way we use oil and gas and coal, can be adjusted in ways that is within balance with our needs and in balance what it does to the earth.

As far as the earth herself, I have always seen her as one being, I say she as I mostly see her as a female.

The complaints I see however coming through some of the messages is something I have never encountered while talking to the earth. There are however, just like with our being, different levels within the earth and these levels might have a different view of what is happening compared to the source part of earth.

I have had many conversations on many levels and all as for myself I have come to the conclusion that it is not so much pollution or the way we use the surface of the earth, but more the way we use her energies and the way we have invaded her energies.

We have used the earth as an energy dumping ground, we have used her leylines and the sacred places for not so sacred ceremonies and we have placed our own grid networks within her that we used in good and bad ways.

She has allowed much of this without complaining as she has been very supportive of our learning processes.

But as it is time now to once again have the chance to move beyond, to ascend, the earth has made her choice very clear, she is ascending and we will have to deal with it.

This means we will have to stop using the earth as a dumping ground for our energies, stop using the grids we placed into the earth and even more important disconnect from the earth energy in a way that we now can stand on our own feet, within our own power.

Many do not seem to understand that to ascend; a being needs to become their own full self. We do this for our self and the earth is doing this.

There are still many trying to fire grids within the earth, opening portals into her energy and using the earth to clear their own negative energies.

We can assist the earth by allowing her to go back into her original state of being.

This means, no grids, no connections of other anchored within her, not sending your energy in her and not using her energy to clear yourself etc..

What we can do is allow the earth to clear and assist her in clearing by letting her send the energies to be cleared through us. The earth is perfectly capable of clearing herself and really doesn't need much help from us; it would help though if she could send some of that energy that we dumped into her, back into us so we can clear it ourselves.

Do not stay connected within the earth and her sacred places full-time but only at the moment when activations can take place through the energies present within those places.

Disconnect from the grids and allow the earth to dissolve those foreign energies that were placed within her.

Most importantly allow the earth to ascend in her own way.

April 30, 2012

Petra Margolis

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