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These are tools for manifesting as taught to me by Solar An-Ra while in Ibiza (by her Pleiadian guides)
write a list of 7 things you want to work on (they can be relationships, health, financial, etc)
preferably do one at a time and as you resolve these you can cross one off and add another

Sit quietly, and enter into meditation. Say out loud what you want to work on. State what you want to manifest (you do not have to "figure out how", let the Universe do that.) It is important to say out loud as you are truly putting out the energy into the Universe. (the words have vibrations).

Now pull up your kundalini energy from your lower chakra up towards your throat chakra and let out a loud aaah and do this three times. (you will know the sound is right when you feel the vibration on your throat chakra). As I let out the aaaah I also let this energy go out my third eye and crown chakra.

Now imagine a bridge of light (energy) from your third eye to your hypothalamus (also known as Well of Dreams) at the back of your head where it meets the neck. Project onto this bridge of creation your vision of what you want to manifest (as if you are watching a movie). You need to tune into your positive emotions and feelings that this IS manifesting NOW.

Then let out a loud sigh like AHAAA and say thank you with love and gratitude.

I also do this: I write things I wish to manifest (or let go of) on paper and burn it so the energy is released into the Universe. The Peiadians confirmed this is a very powerful practice.

You may add whatever feels appropriate and remember to always tune in into your threefold flame in your heart of love, power and wisdom before beginning.
love, Cathy
p.s. I am sending this because I have had some very good results,
please feel free to share giving credit to Solara An-Ra

"She does not show herself, and therefore is apparent. She does not affirm herself, and therefore is acknowledged. She does not boast and therefore has merit. She does not strive and therefore is successful. It is exactly because she does not contend, that nobody can contend´╗┐ with her."
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