Solar Energy Packets

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Solar Energy Packets

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Solar Energy Packets

_________ Message from the 'team'_________

Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here, offering our support and insights as you ride the frequencies of great change. These great changes are affecting each of you differently. Be aware and be gentle with yourself when you are overcome with strong feelings of depression, panic or even a sense of being out of control of what is happening to you and your world.

Remember that you are here as a magnificent multidimensional being of light and of change. You are the one anchoring the intense frequency of change that is taking place. The frequencies that are being offered by the galactic ones are causing the shift in your emotions, your body and the events unfolding. We realize that knowing this and being aware that this is occurring does not always make dealing with it or adapting to it easier.

Moving from the dense 3D world into a higher vibrational frequency there are times when resistance to this change can cause much discomfort. So we continue to invite you to use all your conscious tools which can assist you in adapting with more ease and grace.

Even though you are focused on your physical body, you are truly an energy body. It is this energy body that is responding to the many different galactic frequencies being offered. These charged particles of galactic cosmic rays, solar flares, gamma ray bursts are affecting the earth's magnetic field as well as your own magnetic field.

Imagine if these charged particles and cosmic rays affect your communication satellites, they certainly affect your energy field. Animals and humans have a magnetic field surrounding them and charged particles from the Sun and your Milky Way can and do cause confusion. A disturbance in your own magnetic field can trigger your emotions and changes in your physical body as well as a sense of being out of balance in some way.

Let us say that your biohardware is affected by any change in the electromagnetic fields of your planet. Your planet's geomagnetic field is affected by the galactic frequencies and the charged particles of the high-energy solar packets that are being offered.

The electromagnetic fields affect your biorhythms, your body clock, the brain waves and especially the pineal gland. The heart's electric circuit and rhythms are also stimulated by changes in the earth's magnetic field. Remember that your heart and brain vibrate with the same frequency as your earth.

There is always a connection, a weaving so to speak, between you and your energy field, the earth with its magnetic field of protection and what is being offered by the galactic fields.

Therefore the offering being generated by the phenomenal charged particles moving through your energy field is truly activating and increasing the frequencies and light within your very cells and all aspects of who you are. You are being recalibrated.

We understand that your focus in this reality is mainly on the physical aspect. Yet we are inviting you to expand your awareness to remember and include that you are a being of fluctuations of energy and vibrations. Your cells and your DNA are influenced by what is always being offered into the larger geomagnetic and electrical fields surrounding you and your physical body.

Humanity is in a tremendous, accelerated place of evolution. It is these galactic energy packets that are triggering this evolution. These energy packets affect all behavior, the heart's electrical circuit and brain's electrical circuit.

Your brain translates the energy surrounding you at all times, it translates the morphogenic field. Your brain filters out much of this input; your brain is a receiver of all data, and energy gifts, yet it filters out any information that does not fit your beliefs or programs. Your brain operates in different frequencies and brain waves at all times. Your brain is really the tool that connects to the other dimensions, and the aspect that you call your mind extends beyond the brain to the invisible fields.

Remember all possibilities are open, break through your habitual ways of thinking, expand your worldview as well your galactic view.

Quantum physics shows that all things are connected. Begin to ask yourself where is your consciousness? How do your beliefs and programs limit your consciousness?

Begin to recognize that your heart is the seat of consciousness in partnership with the brain/mind. When your heart is offering a coherent frequency and is connected to your brain's processing of information, you expand into your personal multidimensional awareness.

This is evolution! This is what the galactic energy packets are triggering within your physical and energetic bodies. There are crystalline formations within your physical body that are being activated as resonators.

You are experiencing a restart or reboot so to speak, which is stimulating and activating your paranormal gifts as a multidimensional being. Begin to notice that there is a shift taking place with your sensitivity, your inner knowing, even your telepathic connection to others.

Be gentle with yourself and kind to others who are undergoing this transformation from a physical being to a galactic being. You can consciously begin to anchor what is being offered in the form of these intense solar energy packets.

Take extra care of your physical form. Remember to rest and allow the download of energy to be integrated into your systems and circuits. Stay hydrated and well nourished.
Spend time in nature, walking barefoot, allowing your feet to connect to your Earth. You can even allow yourself to lie upon the ground and begin to sense the energy connection you have with your planet.

Find others who desire to expand and together practice sending your thoughts or images or colors to each other at an agreed upon time. Welcome your sensitivity, your empathic feeling nature, and watch your intake of sugar which has a tendency to shut this ability down. Practice good energy hygiene, always being fully embodied, anchored to this planet and connected to your divine source and guidance. Practice sending energy back to where it belongs blessed and transformed, call your energy back blessed and transformed and integrate it with grace and ease.

Use your tools to shift dense frequencies and dense emotions. You are an alchemist; remember you are here to transform misqualified energy. As you practice these suggestions you will feel more comfortable using all your extra sensory gifts. You will expand into the beautiful and powerful chalice of transformation and enlightenment that you came to this dense dimension to transform and anchor.

The starry brethren and the galactic family of consciousness and love are supporting you in all that you experience. You are the receptors and the anchors of all that is being gifted to your planet to assist and support the awesome evolution taking place. We are honored to assist you and available upon your invitation. We acknowledge you for who you are as true beings of light. the 'team'

©2013 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.

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