Making room for the New Energies within your energy bodies

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Making room for the New Energies within your energy bodies

Post  Magenta on Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:27 am

This is a very important part of moving inward this time as many are still full of the old energies and are not making enough room for the new energies.

Many are expanding, but expansion is not taking place through taking in new energies, expansion is taking place because you are moving more into your own awareness and in this way it feels like you are expanding, but in fact you are exploring greater parts of your being.

Lifetime after lifetime we have gathered energies and experiences within our energy bodies. You do not start out with new energy bodies each time, but you take your energy with you when you die, in this way everything that was learned and experienced remains within the energy bodies.

Especially the lower bodies connected to the physical body have most of the memories of your experiences during physical lifetimes. If you would spent time in each life attending a mystery school, you would clear these energy bodies in each lifetime and retain only what is needed. However many have had many lifetimes without these mystery schools and especially since the mystery schools have almost disappeared, many did not learn about energy bodies as that knowledge was hidden for some time.

Now that many are awakening, they think that simple clearings can be done, many clear the chakras, clear the energy bodies, cut some cords, etc..

These clearing are usually what you could call the top layer clearings and it takes time to fully clear these energy bodies completely.

It is very good to have the chakras cleared, but there is even more within the energy bodies, the chakras can be seen as the motor behind the energy flowing within the energy bodies and they connect and are connected to all energy bodies including the physical body.

So the first start is clearing the chakras, but after that comes the clearing of the energy bodies. Over time many changes have been made to those bodies, interference from within and outside of you. Implants, seals, cords and more are sometimes so integrated within these energy bodies that you might not even be able to see them as they have become part of your energy bodies and have assimilated so much that they seem to be fully part of your own energy.

The old teaching will assign certain colors to the chakras, but you might notice that once chakras are fully clear and active their colors will flow together and bring in a rainbow flow of energy through all chakras, this will also flow within the energy bodies once they are fully clear.

What is also happening at this time is that many are still holding a lot of the old belief systems within their energy bodies. Especially within the emotional body, imprints of previous lifetimes and experiences are very much stuck most of the time. Just clearing something doesn't mean it is completely gone.

Take for example an implant, when you take it out, there is an imprint left of where the implant connected into your own energies as your energy retains memories. The same happens when you clear energies, imprints are within the surrounding energy particles.

Clearing these energy particles of any imprints is a bit different then just clearing energy. This was mostly done within the mystery schools and even at this moment in time there are not many of those.

As people do not complete their clearings, old belief systems, thought systems and energies will linger and become stronger again at times as many are still in a way holding on to their old ways of thinking and working with energies.

You have to make room for the new energies to integrate as they will have less effect on old distorted energies. Many have started clearings, but we see many who do not complete the clearings, as clearing is going to be a continual process that is needed on a regular basis, not just once or twice, as life experiences happen during this life time as well. You might actually carry some energy of others, so it is time to return those energies as well.

The best way is to start with this life time in fact as these energies will be more part of the top layer that can be cleared more easily then the energies that have been within the energy bodies lifetime after lifetime.

Clearings on all levels are a part of the natural evolving process of spiritual awareness and expansion of consciousness.

Something to remember as you are moving into the creation of a new age, you want to bring in the new and release the old as this is the fastest way forward.

From one source to another

Petra Margolis
February 5, 2013

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