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By Joining this site you agree to ALL Rules and Guidelines
Registration to the forum and Sanctuary Chatroom is free; however we have put rules and guidelines into place and would appreciate you respecting them.

All members MUST be 18 years of age or older

We would ask that you remain kind and considerate to others at all times. Not everyone has the same beliefs so be tolerant of others and afford them the same respect that you expect for your own.
There are many paths to enlightenment and beliefs are diverse so AGREE to DIFFER.
Forums like any other community needs a structure in which to keep it's members safe and secure and the community functioning smoothly. Therefore, we have a system of rules that we have created, which we believe are fair and firm.

Sometimes, it will be necessary to issue a warning or a temporary or permanent ban to a member, depending on an action or actions that have arisen. We don't like having to do this, but as part of protecting our community and members, we have to have in place a system of dealing with problems and issues that arise.

* If repeated warnings are given, they may lead to a temporary or permanent ban.

* At our discretion, in accordance with the rules set out below, we may edit, close or remove posts or threads. If this occurs, we will do our best to notify the member the reason for this. Sometimes a thread or post may be temporarily be removed from the forum, again we will notify the member of this.

* Changes, alterations and amendments may be made to these rules at any time please check back on them every now and again.


Please respect fellow members and their beliefs, opinions, and views at all times. Abuse and abusive posts (of any nature) will not be tolerated. Breaches of this will result in posts being removed, warnings and if continued a ban.

At times members may write something that you perceive to be distasteful or unkind. Before launching into a public criticism please bear in mind that the member may not have intended to deliberately cause upset. Respect other members views even if you disagree with them. Also, if you have an dislike to a particular subject by all means comment but remain mindful/respectful at all times however, if your remarks are just offensive and add nothing to the conversation then refrain from interacting. Always bear in mind that the forum can be for serious debate or light heartedness. Please remember that our members come from all over the world and English may not be their first language.

Any post found to include any form of scaremongering may be removed without notice, this includes things such as informing fellow members that they have bad or dark entities attached to them, (no matter how certain you believe you are).

*Posts advocating and promoting the interaction with the Negative and More Dangerous side of Spirituality are discouraged and are subject to removal or editing without notice. Posts which diagnose Medical or Mental Illness or news of impending death will be removed as we believe that there can be no substitute for Professional Advice from Medical Authorities in this respect.

*Posts that are considered to be disturbing or a source of apprehension to those members who are vulnerable or susceptible i.e. Those New to Spirituality or those easily influenced will also be subject to the Staff editing and deletion process as necessary.

The Team will use their collective discretion as to what is scaremongering and what is not, as it is impossible to include every eventuality here, basically anything which will create fear or worry to others is not permitted.

Discrimination, Sexual discrimination, Religious Prejudice: Discrimination has no place and will not be tolerated on this forum. Discrimination can take the form of the use of specific words or phrases or can be in the form of a general attitude towards an individual or group of people. Discrimination can be on the basis of race, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation or political persuasion. Any member blatantly discriminating will be banned permanently without prior notice.

We feel that foul or offensive language has no place here. Posts containing such material will be removed or edited. Continual and deliberate swearing will result in a warning or temporary ban. Attempts to circumvent the swearing filter will also result in a warning and removal of posts.

Every member is entitled to harassment free membership, any harassment of any nature, including harassment in chat or via the pm system should be reported to staff immediately. It will be dealt with quickly and discreetly and may result in a warning or ban.

Personal Affairs: This includes disputes from other forums, private arguments from your personal life and disliking other members, these should not be brought into the forum. This kind of behaviour will result in warnings and possible ban.

Complaints may be made by pm to any staff member. Please do not voice complaints about other members on the open forum, as this may result in a warning and possible ban. Please report 'underground spamming' (spam via pm) or any other unusual or suspicious activity in the pm system or chatroom, via pm as soon as you can to a member of staff. Those found to be spamming will be banned permanantly.

The Chatroom: All rules also apply to the chatroom, please note that periodic logs are taken from the chatroom.

Personal Information About Fellow Members: Please do not post any personal information about other members on the open forum without their consent. Should a member contact you and ask you to leave a message for fellow members on their behalf, please mention this to a staff member before you post.

Staff Decisions: When staff remove threads, issue a warning or a ban or perform another administrative action, this is solely a matter between the staff and the member in question. Please do not discuss these issues on the open forum. Such posts may be subject to removal or closure.

Accounts & Usernames

Usernames & Personal Information: Please do not use links or email addresses as usernames, or full names as usernames, as you will be asked to change it. It is also inadvisable to post any personal information on the open forum, things such as full names, phone numbers, email addresses and the like; this is to protect you the member.

Multiple Accounts: Sometimes members who have been previously banned will attempt to sign-up again. This is not permitted and will result in a ban. If you wish to change your username, or have trouble accessing your account, please contact the staff, rather than set-up another account.


Sensitive Topics: We promote open discussion; however We do not promote or condone drug and alcohol abuse or the use of any other illegal substance. Sexual topics should relate to spirituality rather than descending into graphic discussion which is tantamount to pornography. Immature use or abuse of this section will result in posts and threads being locked or removed altogether. Members promoting the use of illegal substances or illegal activities will have their posts removed and receive a warning.

Links: Please try to keep these relevant to the topic or question at hand, and please do not try to post more than 5 links in any one post. Persistent posting of the same link will be treated as spamming, and will lead to a warning. You may add a link to your website in your homepage profile field.

Multiple Posts & Spamming: Please do not post the same topic or thread more than once, as the multiple posts will be removed or merged. Any member found to be spamming will be given a warning or ban depending on the severity of the case, and the posts will be removed.



Private Readings are not Permitted. This is to protect members form those that pretend to be readers from causing harm or upset for their own personal form of entertainment.

Do Not Constantly ask for a Reading as this is disruptive and refusal often offends

All Readings must be done in the chatroom and not via pm

No Readings to be done without a Team Member present.

Under No Circumstances should you discuss another person’s reading, the information given is for them and them alone.

This is primarily a healing site.
Please note that any advice given cannot and will not replace the advise of your doctor. The healer is not a medically licensed physician and therefore any suggestions and recommendations made by the healer are not a substitute for prompt medical attention. People should continue to see their health care provider and should not stop taking any of their prescribed medications. The healer provides no guarantee of the results from a session. The owners, healers and readers are not responsible for the misuse of suggestions and comments for the relief or lack of relief of symptoms.

All messages made available as part of Astara Healing Forums (including Sanctuary chat rooms) and any opinions, advice, statements or other information contained in any messages posted or transmitted by any third party are the responsibility of the author of that message and not of Astara Healing Forums and chatroom. The fact that a particular message is posted on or transmitted using this web site does not mean that we have endorsed that message in any way or verified the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message.


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