Thought on Dec 21 from Petra Margolis

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Thought on Dec 21 from Petra Margolis

Post  Sue on Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:03 pm

We don't really know what but something is going to happen.

We are almost there, December 21st is around the corner and there are so many predictions out there that seem to say it's all going to be amazing, some are already calling for a celebration.

I see it a bit differently, after working on this with my guides and students, I see things happening, but what is going to happen, we don't really know.

This has never happened before; there has never been an ascension of the earth, let alone an ascension of the earth with life upon it.

Many have ascended, but they did it on their own, separately from the earth.

This date that has been talked about for so long, I wonder of anyone ever really thought about the fact that they gave us a date. Why did they and what was the purpose?

To me the purpose would be to give as enough time, a warning, a date to work towards, like when you have a project that needs to be done by a certain date.

The part that does amaze me however is that so many think that something will happen automatically and how so many people never even ask the question if they can do something. Do something for the planet, do something for all life upon earth. Yes some think that bringing enough light, doing some clearings and work with some energies will take all of this and make it happen.

Not many really think about what a big undertaking this is. Just imagine the fact that a whole planet including all life upon it has to be lifted up into a new frequency, a new dimension.

Have you asked yourself, have I done enough or did I skip things just because it was easier, you didn't have time, or many other excuses we normally come up with.

I even ask myself if I could have done more, even though I work on this every day and have worked on this every day, ever since I knew about it.

This whole event is not just about humans and yet it seems that is where the focus lies with many. As long as they reach new frequencies, can get the new energies, learn to be more loving, more compassionate, and then everything will happen.

There are people out there who think they have completed their training, see they have become good humans, loving, compassionate etc.

Forgetting the fact that the lives upon earth are just a small part of our training, we always have more to learn, more to see, more to become. It never stops as the energy and expansion everywhere never stops.

Many think the whole world or universe revolves around humans upon earth and how they as humans are experiencing their life upon earth.

Some are involved with animals, but not many really think about the fact that it's not just humans ascending, but all life upon earth, and earth herself.

Yes, the messages can be confusing as many do not even mention all of this, partly due to the fact that transmissions are hard and much is not received through the channels.

Not to mention the fact that most do not like to hear about it as they are more likely to see messages like that as negative and that is something that many are trying to avoid.

This avoiding has been going on for a long time and it has brought events that could have been avoided at times.

Many lightworkers have pulled back from the outer world into the small world of lightworkers and in this way have been avoiding much of what is happening on earth still.

This also has had the effect that many of the clearings of negative energy have been going through the ones that were not really prepared for it and it has resulted in some events that could have been prevented if more lightworkers would have taken on these clearings.

The other effect is that by pulling back from the outer world into a small lightworker world is that many of the energies cannot be fully integrated as you are not getting the full range of energies that has been coming in through all the portals opening up each time.

See it this way, the portal opens and showers its energy upon the entire earth, as lightworkers are only focused on such small parts of the earth, their own inner world and the small outer world.

Energies that are coming in are full range energies and yes some are uncomfortable and might bring up negative reactions within you as they integrate, but that's what human life is all about, receiving the full range of energies, being a human with the full range of emotions that is available.

Many are trying to stay in balance, but many are doing this by avoiding the full range of emotions and feeling the full range of emotions as the new energies are coming in.

This makes it hard to integrate the full range of energies coming through the portals.

The other part is that many are so focused on their own inner world and think that this is what is going to make it all happen. There is a lot more at hand then just that. This project, and yes we can call it a project, of ascension, the ascension of the earth and everything upon here is a large project and requires all hands on deck from all that can understand and are able to help.

So far, all hands on deck has been a small, group of people working very hard to try and complete this project before the date that was set for completion.

All others have been so involved with their own process that much has been passing them by and many have not really followed the clues out there.

Why say this now you wonder, since there is not much time left and not much time to do anything to change the fact that more could have been done.

You will have to look within and outside of you to see what you can do after the shift because there will still be a lot of work to be done for many of you.

Earth herself is ready to ascend beyond her physical form; she is done with her work. The physical earth is as ready as she can be with all the work that has been done by these small groups.

And we are not saying this so all of can suddenly start to do what you think could be helpful, there is no reason for it at this time as it will only bring more harm than good within this moment.

Much of what has been done by so many without real guidance has been rectified and the physical earth is ready for this shift.

She will be occupied by a new energy, a universal energy that has been prepared to take over the place of the being that has been your earth. Many call this the new earth and it is not a being like before but a creation made of universal energy that will support the physical earth.

This will bring great changes for all upon earth as it means it is time to stand on your own two feet, grow up and take full responsibility for all your actions instead of leaning upon either mother earth or many of the other support systems you have been using.

This is what the new earth brings to you, full responsibility of your own process.

The new world might not even seem so much different from the old, in fact everything that is physical will not change overnight. But the energy of the earth will be different and you will have to take some time to get used to it. It will not be easy but it is important for every part of your being and the further training of you as a human to become a full-fledged creator upon earth.

This is all happening, some will notice, many will not as we move into the new age of enlightment. It is going to be something none of us has ever experienced, not in this lifetime or previous lifetimes.

It's not going back to the good old times of Atlantis or anything like that, it's going into the new times where we become what we are and have been all this time without limitations.

This is not something that is going to happen without work, it is going to require a lot of work as that is what creation is.

The divine plan is that we are the divine plan, we are the ones that create the divine plan and this is not as easy as it seems, it requires a lot of thought on how we are creating, what are we creating and what is it we really want or in fact need to create where we not only focus on our own progress but also the progress of others including all life upon earth.

From now on there will be no more excuses, it is time to not only be part of the divine plan for earth but become the divine plan for earth.

It is here now, the shift that we have been waiting for is happening and ready or not here we come.

I wish you all a great time during this shift.

Petra Margolis

December 20, 2012

"She does not show herself, and therefore is apparent. She does not affirm herself, and therefore is acknowledged. She does not boast and therefore has merit. She does not strive and therefore is successful. It is exactly because she does not contend, that nobody can contend´╗┐ with her."
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