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12.12.12 ~ Message from the Elders  Empty 12.12.12 ~ Message from the Elders

Post  Sue on Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:19 am

*** 12.12.12 ~ Message from the Elders ***

Welcome sweet ones, it gives great please to be with you in this Now and indeed in this sacred year of 2012 as you experience the New Earth Templates of Light through the 2012 Planetary Ascension Wave of Divine Love, embraced within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. December the 21st of 2012, sweet ones, is a very important Now moment as you compl
ete the end of a 260,000 year cycle and enter into this Golden Age through the New Earth Templates of Light as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. Indeed, sweet ones, you are already experiencing many of these fifth dimensional frequencies of no time and no space in oscillating waves through the Photonic Rays of Light and Solar Flares upon this earth plane. However, the full spectrum frequencies of these rays of Divine Love through the New Earth Templates will be experienced from December 21st 2012, as all dimensions shift into the next octave of Light and Mother Earth and all her Life commences their ascent into these fifth dimensional frequencies.

To complete your ascension process sweet ones, your Planetary Light Quotient will be raised to a level of between 92-99%. In other words, this is the amount of Light that you will be able to hold within the body and will not only reduce the oscillating emotional waves of both the shadow and the dark, as you stand steadfast in the Light, but will further assist in the recalibration and transformational process you are undergoing, as your chakras start to merge in one unified column of Light, as your 12 Strand DNA comes online and indeed too, as you truly become these multidimensional Master Beings and sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. Following the 11-11-11 Gateway of Divine Love, the first ascension wave occurred, and the second ascension wave was experienced through a portal of opportunity between May 5th (the 05-05-05 Stargate) and June 20th/21st, the time of the Solstice. And due to these ascension waves sweet ones, 144 000 Master Beings of Light, yourselves sweet ones, have activated the ascension codes within your bodies and within the DNA specifically, to allow for all Life to make this transition into this New Golden Age of Light.

And to further understand the importance of this, and how it impacts you in this Now sweet ones, we take you back into your dimensional past. In 104 000 B.C. through the collective signature of One Unity Consciousness from the Cosmic Heart and Divine Flame of Eternal Light of Mother/Father God, a call was put out across all dimensions and Galaxies requesting 144 000 Light Beings to physically embody onto Earth, and to anchor these frequencies of the Law of One through the three-fold flame and heart center of every atom and molecule on this Earth plane, within the Cosmic Law of Free Will. These 144 000 Beings of Light stepped down their vibration to take on earthly form and many of you, sweet ones, were part of this core group, or the second or third wave of this core group who chose to be of service to Mother Earth and all her Life. And the importance of this in this Now sweet ones, is that you are again at the point of ascending collectively and taking on this mantle of leadership as these Flames of Divine Love amplified and experienced through the keycodes of Light and sacred geometries within the Crystalline Grid of Divine Love holding these vibrations of Christ Consciousness. Furthermore, sweet ones, at zero point, Jesus the Christ was birthed, and embodied the 144 000 within One. This amazing Divine event which was Overlighted by the entire Company of Heaven, allowed the rebirth of the Christed Consciousness of Humanity to be experienced at a Higher Light level. Through this Divine Dispensation, it has been decreed that when 144 000 Master Beings of Love and Light ascend to their Highest Potential simultaneously, each atom and molecule on this Earth plane will ascend to their next level of enlightenment and this entire Earth plane and your Solar System will again be embraced into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God for all eternity. And this will be experienced sweet ones, through the Planetary Ascension Wave on December 21st, 2012, as you collectively experience the Group I AM Avatar Blueprint of Light through connecting to the Christed Consciousness of all Humanity. Additionally a new sacred geometric shape was activated through the Unity Grid, the 144 Crystalline Grid of Divine Love from 1992, that which we call the double penta-dodecahedron, and reflected the 144 facets of Christ Consciousness and the 144 000 components of One Unity Consciousness for this multi-universe.

The 12-12-12 gateway brings the completion of the 144 Crystalline Grid of Divine Love sweet ones, and with this, your ability to truly access all the sacred geometries and Light frequencies within the Unity Grid and further to this, the ability to activate your own Light Bodies/Merkabas into these higher dimensional frequencies and Christed Timelines of light. And December the 21st 2012 brings a focus to the activation and actualization of these New Earth Templates as the thirteen major chakras and portals of Light on Mother Earth are activated in alignment with your Sun, the Central Sun and Great Central Sun, the Galactic Center and the Cosmic Christ Holographic Discs. Additionally, the 12 Strand DNA will be reactivated and actualized through the Crystalline Light Body of Mother and the Golden Solar Sun Disc Discs as you experience the remembrance of yourselves as starseeded ones and transfiguring Flames of Divine Love through your Beloved I Am Presence and the Group I Am Avatar Collective of Light.

As starseeded ones and lightworkers you are the physical vessels of Light through which the thirty-three Cosmic Portals of Light will be anchored and activated on December the 21st, 2012. The thirty-three Cosmic Portals of Light bring about the fifth dimensional Cosmic vibration of Christ Consciousness and are further connected to the thirty three Cosmic Christ Holographic Discs of Light being activated through the twelve initiatory Gateways of Light in this sacred year of 2012. These Silver Cosmic Christ Holographic Discs, thirteen major and twenty minor discs, are being activated through the spinal column and cerebrospinal fluid throughout this year so you may indeed, come into the full magnificence of yourselves through the recalibration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and increased Light through the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands and indeed too, through the 12 strand DNA as it takes on the crystalline matrix keycodes of Light.

The DNA activation process sweet ones is indeed a complex one, as is the Ascension process. The Ascension Process is a process of decension of Spiritual Light, the experience of layers of Light being anchored into the physical plane of existence, which once integrated within the energy field of yourselves and Mother Earth, in turn activates the DNA Templates of Light. This process in turn activates the DNA as Portals of Light, bringing new energetic Templates of Light into the physical body and with this, the ability to experience many multidimensional realities simultaneously. Additionally, through this dimensional shift, you experience many of the ascension symptoms as you shift your cells into higher frequency patterns such as headaches, memory and time loss, sleeplessness or awakening at all hours, anxiety attacks, kundalini experiences, weight gain or loss, changes in diet, shifting of relationships, moving of location, jobs and so on, to name a few. So this process of “shifting frequency” can indeed be rather uncomfortably as it further brings up your deepest fears, old cellular beliefs and judgements, and we suggest that you truly take time out for yourselves, as well as trust, surrender and accept this process so you may transmute, transform and heal all aspects of yourselves, as it is amplified in this Now, and further experience the New Earth Templates of Divine Love in this sacred year of 2012. This clearing too is being experienced by Mother Earth and all Life as you further work with the karmic patterning of the collective unconsciousness of the planet and all Life upon her while shifting dimensionally. And from a place of detachment, you may well recognise that many of these “issues” are not yours sweet ones, but coming from a place of frozen planetary miasms and debris that is being transmuted on an earthly level so that all Life on this earth plane may have the opportunity to experience this Ascension process, this New Golden Age of Light.

All these sacred activities of Light, sweet ones, culminate in the Now moment of December the 21st, as the New Earth Templates of Light come online. As you experience the Crystalline Cities of Light and the New Earth Templates of Light through these sacred portals and Christed Timelines, you activate your Light Bodies/Merkabas and the Light Body/Merkaba Mother Earth. It is a time, sweet ones, when all that you have ever wanted to be and experience through these Christed timelines in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth becomes the reality with which you live and experience your life as these transfiguring flames of Divine Love and the Group I Am Avatar Race. In this grand celestial Cosmic celebration of Light, in this collective ascension process, all Life, within the Cosmic Law of Free Will, is being lifted into these fifth dimensional Templates of Divine Love and commences the journey forward as Solar Beings of Light. For the Earth herself becomes a Spiritual Sun and the Center of Divine Love within which you live as you take yourselves beyond the ring-passeth-nots into Solar Christ consciousness. For this is further the point in which you able to shift into Solar Christ Consciousness, beyond the ring-passeth-nots, as you start to build your Adam Kadmon Body of Light, your etheric, electronic body of Light through your beloved I AM Presence, and the Adamantine Particles of the Creator Light through this sacred Ascension Flame of Divine Love. Additionally, it is through this ascension wave that your many gifts of telepathy, clairvoyance , clairaudience, teleportation, healing and many others will be magnified and activated, as you truly experience yourselves as Self Mastery; in One Unity Consciousness and Divine Love with all Life.

We invite you to join us into this sacred space, connecting with your hearts and minds energetically or physically as collectively you experience the Highest Light of Who You Are, your Beloved I AM Presence as these sacred Flames of Divine Love in service to Mother Earth and all her Life. Your combined efforts sweet ones, will lift the frequency of Mother Earth into this New Golden Age of Light, as together you co-create Heaven on Earth. We look forward to this Cosmic Now moment in time with you, sweet ones, and to the many Cosmic moments in time experienced throughout this year of 2012 and many more to come. We bless you and thank you for your service to Mother Earth and all her Life. And with this, we bid you the most magical day.

(Channeled thru Anrita Melchizedek - http://www.pleiadianlight.net/)

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