Astrological Overview of November 2012- The Duo of Eclipses

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Astrological  Overview of November 2012- The Duo of Eclipses  Empty Astrological Overview of November 2012- The Duo of Eclipses

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Astrological Overview of November 2012- The Duo of Eclipses
James Tyberron ... Earthkeeper

Dual Eclipses in November 2012

Three planets remain retrograde in Nov 2012- Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus. (Neptune just went direct Nov 11) We are entering a time of turning inward for direction and inspiration. It is a time for pause and careful consideration. Measure twice, cut once. Otherwise if you attempt to press forward too quickly you may act impulsively and make mistakes...or you may find yourselves driven back, painted into a corner.

- 13 November 2012: Total Solar Eclipse- 22 degrees Scorpio

- 28 November 2012: Lunar Eclipse -6 degrees Gemini

The Solar Eclipse on November 13 takes place on the 22nd degree of Scorpio and will be visible in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific. The Lunar Eclipse on November 28 will be visible through most of North America.

Mercury turned retrograde on November 6 in Sagittarius, very close to the solar point of the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse.

While external communications can be difficult during Mercury retrograde periods with breakdowns in personal communications, this is also an excellent time to listen inwardly to your inner voice.

Eclipses bring in the energy of the Wisdom Teacher. Thoth of the Metatronic Energies is quite present in your lives during these times for those wishing to access this prolific wisdom. Thothian wisdom will help you make a connection to divine source and hear what it is that your soul most needs to hear.

Mercury will turn direct on November 26 with the Lunar Eclipse on November 28. This will finalize the major flow of the equilibrium influx needed to balance the planet.

The Nodes are moving from the mutable axis of Gemini/Sagittarius to the fixed axis of Taurus/Scorpio and the Solar eclipse on 13 November will be very intense and demonstrative. It will show you precisely where you are headed in 2013. In the energy of Scorpio/Taurus, the emotions will run deep and inner exploration is tantamount.

One can expect a much more dramatic feeling to incur. Most of you will be feeling extremely deeply and unexpected emotions, from deeply hidden issues and beliefs may come bubbling up. This allows for a purging of trapped energies you didn't even know were there. Don't be surprised if you begin expressing strong opinions about things you didn't even know before hand were so important to you. It is a time to speak your truth and not allow yourself to be pinned in unfairly by any issue or person.

The opposite end of the polarity is the South Node in Taurus. This is where self-sabotage manifests; in Taurus it will be the urge to deny self-evident truths, to take the easy option and settle for a comfortable material life.

Solar Eclipses on a New Moon are times of major endings and beginnings. As well as being eclipsed, this is a Super Moon at its closest to the earth and in line with the Sun and Earth. The strong gravitational pulls will create high tides, and exceptionally heightened emotions.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on November 13 in Scorpio will be extremely potent. Be aware that the energy of an eclipse baths and affects the entire planet & humanity, whether or not it is visible, the energy is still quite present. This one will be very potent, very intense and it represents a potent movement from one phase of development to another. The Total Solar eclipse will be followed by a penumbral Lunar Eclipse on November 28. The period between the 2 eclipses will form a window of intense energies.

This Solar Eclipse takes place in Scorpio, the most intense of the water signs associated with death and rebirth. In the Egyptian Pantheon, Scorpio is aligned with the Feline - Hathor Goddess. It is the Eclipse of the Divine Feminine. The phase is ending of Patriarchal domineering, and opens to a new phase of equity

The opposition from the eclipse to the South Node in Taurus is exactly conjunct to the star Algol, which is absolutely one of the most intense and violent points in the zodiac. Neptune and Chiron are the outlet for all this very potent energy. The planets - Neptune & Chiron in November 2012 are much more powerful than usual as they are stationing direct and are also trined by magical Saturn. Mars is conjunct Pluto square Uranus and on the Galactic centre. The shadow side of Neptune/Chiron will bring the changes needed, the loss of old beliefs, releasing the pain and overcoming inappropriate feelings of helplessness.

But some of the hard edges can indeed be softened by the feminine influx.

November is a difficult time, but it has great windows for recalibration and realignment. It is a time for rebirthing the self. But take time to consider actions. Think carefully and avoid the urge to act impulsively. Jupiter is unaspected and in retrograde, so wisdom may not prevail. Mercury & Uranus in retrograde also intensifies this ecliptic duo. Take your time !

"She does not show herself, and therefore is apparent. She does not affirm herself, and therefore is acknowledged. She does not boast and therefore has merit. She does not strive and therefore is successful. It is exactly because she does not contend, that nobody can contend´╗┐ with her."
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