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Greetings My Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with my counterpart, Holy Lady Amethyst. We represent the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine aspects of the Seventh Ray of Transmutation and Transformation. Together we represent the balanced aspect of this ray.

We wish to speak to you about the importance of balance in these great times of ascension.

You have made very rapid progress on your path. You have received and integrated many higher energies. This has allowed you to move to higher levels of awareness and progression.

As you move to higher and higher levels, it is important to achieve and maintain balance in all areas of life. Balancing the masculine and feminine aspects is especially important because they have been out of balance for a long time.

At the higher levels these aspects are integrated in one whole. There is no division. These are simply aspects of the one. Therefore, there is not a choice to be made of which is better, for both are needed for the one to be balanced and function and progress in the manner that is representative of the higher dimensions.

As you burst forth as a spark from the Supreme Creator - the Source - you were in complete unity, harmony, and balance. As you entered the dimensions of duality, it was necessary for you to split into two parts of masculine and feminine energy. It was never intended that these two parts be considered separate and functioning without the other. The interdependence of the two aspects is necessary for the proper functioning of the whole. In an energetic sense, the electrical aspect of the masculine is balanced with the magnetic aspect of the feminine. Together, the two aspects function as a unit. Optimal energy is achieved when the aspects are in balance.

Because you have been living in the duality of the third dimension, this separation has appeared to be the norm. Now, it is time to view this separation from a higher perspective and realize that it is just an illusion that one aspect can function without the other.

In the example of the Archangelic Realm, at the level of the Rays, there is the masculine and the feminine aspect. In reality, we are one. For your understanding, we appear as two - the masculine and the feminine. However, there must be both aspects together for us to carry out the functions of the Ray we represent.

When the aspects are viewed from an energetic perspective, the need for balance is apparent. In order for the ebb and flow of proper functioning, both aspects are needed. If the pushing forward of the masculine is done without the tempering balance of love and compassion of the feminine, then it becomes a hard force that eventually will implode. The feminine energy of love and compassion needs the pushing, dynamic force of the masculine in order to move ahead into new territory. Together, new levels and optimal functioning can be achieved because the necessary qualities of both aspects are present.

As you look at yourself as an energetic Being, you can see that one aspect is dominant. However, the other aspect is present, even though it is not in the forefront. As you view yourself as a total Being, you can appreciate the qualities of both aspects of masculine and feminine and realize that both are necessary for you to move forward. This releases you from having to choose one quality over the other, and it allows you to appreciate and cultivate both aspects. As you begin to do this, you become more balanced. The energetic flow of energy begins to move back and forth in a rhythmic pattern that allows for forward movement in a balanced, harmonious way. It is like the gentle movement of water within a container. When there is slight movement, it flows back and forth in a gentle way. Each side of the container could be considered an aspect. Each side is necessary for the gentle movement back and forth to occur. It is the same way with your own energetic patterns. When the masculine and feminine aspects are balanced, your energy flows in harmony.

When your energy is balanced and harmonious, you begin to approach life in a more balanced way. It is no longer an either-or process. You begin to see the finer points of situations. You can appreciate the masculine and feminine aspects of a situation and those aspects of yourself in the way in which you approach the situation. You are able to call forth the aspects that will be most productive for the situation and know that the other aspect is there to temper and assist.

This can lead to a calmness of mind and spirit throughout your entire Being. Because you are balanced, you move forward with a flowing ease that allows you to see the bigger picture and the larger order of the Universe. You appreciate both aspects of yourself and the qualities of each, and this allows you to use both aspects to go forward and create what your heart desires. Because you have recognized that you have within you the qualities of each aspect, you are able to create with confidence and passion. Your outer world reflects your inner world. The more balanced your inner world, the more balanced your outer world.

Beloveds, we encourage you to assess, appreciate, and nurture the aspects of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within yourself. You may wish to spend a few moments each day in this process. This will allow you to move more rapidly toward balance and harmony with your masculine and feminine aspects. When you do this and combine it with love, you will continue your rise and ascension to the higher dimensions.

Know that we are with you on your sacred journey.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst

...and we surround you with love.

And so it is

"She does not show herself, and therefore is apparent. She does not affirm herself, and therefore is acknowledged. She does not boast and therefore has merit. She does not strive and therefore is successful. It is exactly because she does not contend, that nobody can contend with her."
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