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Post  heavenly on Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:35 am

Mother Earth speaks out

I asked for some guidance and inspiration to write a little something to share with you today, below is what I was given.

Why do you treat me so bad, do you not understand I also need to be clean as you do each day when you awake from your slumber? Help me to heal, cleanse all you can, send me love not negative vibrations. Calm your mind, calm your world, and send love and peace around to share with all living matter, include all living things in your daily prayers.

I am not indestructible I cry as you do at the atrocities that go on around us all. When will Man learn to love and share and be at peace. Surrender to love not war. Love is far easier to undertake than hatred. Love uses less energy than hating your fellow countryman. Turn the other way if you’re being guided into negativity. Say NO out loud.

Carefully undertake to change your way of thinking toward positivity this is the only way you can achieve a happy outcome. Don’t look behind be only in the here and now. Go to your heart center daily and find the strength that you will need to carry on in love. Be at peace, blessings

© Monica 08/09/12


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