Lady Nada ~ Spring Equinox March 2012

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Lady Nada ~ Spring Equinox March 2012

Post  Magenta on Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:38 am

She says there is too much worry here for all of us on a day to day basis, about things that are totally out of our control and also lesser things that we are giving your energy to, to worry about.
She wants to know why we give our attention to these things and worry ?
After discussion in session, where members added their thoughts.
So can you make a priority to conquer your fears, to stop you from worrying, as it's causing all sorts of illness’s and frankly we are all rather fed up with it now!
We can choose to re-programme our subconscious minds in any way we want if you know how.
We can keep picking you up but it would be wonderful if you could pick yourselves up and try not to fall so often.
You need to notice as soon as your mind starts to worry and flip your switch over to a positive thought like changing a TV channel. And even better maybe turn the TV off altogether.
Saturate yourselves with positive news. There is so much of it when you just look around at nature, the sky, moon, the clouds, stars etc., etc. Yes you can flip channels but do not stay in the negative ones for long, as soon as you realise you've got to flip back to the positive.
When you get to the point where you stop worry you will see an increase on health levels
It is also intent that you're already healthy and whole now, not soon, not maybe. but now and believing you are!
She bathes us all in a Ray of Yellow and bids us goodnight as the channel is getting tired.
She said that she will be back soon 
© Magenta 20 March 2012.

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