Unlust, poem by dormir.

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Unlust, poem by dormir. Empty Unlust, poem by dormir.

Post  DormirBeaute on Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:44 pm

In waking moments, I felt your hands touch my skin.
Heard your words, caress my heart so softly.
Saw your spirit, blessing my very existence.
In these waking joyful moments, bliss became my life.
Love became my soul. Fear became non-existent.
I had trust within the solace that was your care for me.
I had fireworks, in every waking moment you were beside me.
The light playing in your eyes brought my every instinct into devotion.

These feelings open my soul, as slowly I have realized...
These waking moments were but a daydream, of a life time yet unseen.
Of a touch yet felt, a heart yet loved. A kiss, yet savoured.
In all these waking moments, I have become servant to imagination.

The questions arrive. And I wonder your feelings, I ponder what lies ahead.
Do I give my everything to you? No fear? No pain added within your arms grasp?
Your ever charming smile moves me. Though unbeknownst to me this love has spread.
It pulses through my veins. My life blood, my very essence of being, and feeling.
Over my entire body, it has spread it's wing's. Fated upon admiration of a soul, yet in hiding.
Slowly open the petal's of tenderness. A heart untouched by loves harmonious song.
A friendship, a pact of lover's. In these waking moments, sung into the dawn.
I glance a favored glance in the direction that holds new born life all it's own.
This path would bring such peaceful love. In all it's waking moments.

To you, I bestow a hand. In faith, a heart. My trust, unwavering.
I let go the fear in question, and put out a thought of sweet intention.

Shall we dance upon these fated stars? Hold each other, love each other?
Time will tell the path yet untravelled. Mind will hold the futures stance.
So dearly, our lives, held upon a breath in time. Breathing in your gentle light.
Never shall I let go, or forget. All these waking moments.


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