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Harmony in the New World by Master Kuthumi
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 03-06-12

With love I step forward to connect on a deeper level with your soul, it is my love and my consciousness that I share with you at this
time. There is a subject matter which I wish to remind you of at this stage of your ascension, it will be most beneficial to hold an
understanding of this subject matter within your being so that it may be magnified in December 2012, in order to assist in the divine
and new world unfolding. I wish to place a question into your consciousness, this question is, ‘How can we remain in harmony as we
walk our individual and diverse pathways of ascension?’
This is a question that has arisen within me and I feel guided to ask each soul whether they are on the Earth or the inner planes. I feel
that it is a justified question as each soul and the reality that they exist in is altering with such power. It is true that we are all growing
together and are supporting the growth of each other but we are each connecting with the Creator at a deeper level and the expression
of the Creator through each person can be extremely diverse. For example, we have souls with different beliefs about the Creator, we
have souls with different understandings of their pathway on the Earth and the meaning of life; we also have so many diverse pathways
that lead to the energy of the Creator, even within the inner planes of the Creator’s universe. A large process of awakening is being
achieved at this very moment and will continue, each soul is awakening and projecting its truth, stepping into the world and sharing its
gifts and services. With such extreme awakening I feel a need to focus upon creating harmony.
Some of the energies of the old world were chaos, negativity, judgment and separation, now in the new world there is a need to
transform these energies into a positive or neutral vibration. In my belief there is a need to be extremely aware at these stages of
ascension and that we plant into our consciousness a desire to create harmony in order to access and experience the oneness of the
Creator. Let yourself for a moment look around or visualise your family members and friends, you will probably be aware of the
differences between you, maybe they have not yet awoken to their true soul within, maybe they have a different idea about the energy
of the Creator or maybe they hold a similar consciousness as you. As each person awakens on the Earth there is a need for a divine
plan or consciousness of harmony otherwise we may have a new world of people who have awoken to the energy of their soul and the
Creator but still experience the energy of chaos and separation, as they are focused upon their own reality being better than another.
I am aware that the main creation of chaos, separation and judgment is the ego and so I am pointing out to you that even when you are
connected to your soul and consciously aligned to the energy of the Creator you may still hold aspects of the ego. It can be your small
aspect of the ego that can cause disharmony in your reality. I believe there is a need to be conscious of the disharmony that the ego
can create and to understand the guidance of your intuition. For example, you may come across a soul who has a completely different
understanding of the Earth and the Creator to your understanding. You may feel instantly that this understanding is not for you or that it
is not a pathway that you need to take. This understanding doesn’t come from fear or judgment but a simple knowingness inside of
you. If you find instead that your ego activates and you completely disregard the understanding of the person, saying or thinking that
their understanding is completely wrong or that maybe they should consider understanding your own beliefs then you know that
disharmony has been created. You may be confronted with many challenges to remain in your own energy and understanding, as well
as creating harmony between yourself and others, I wish to make you aware of this so that you can be conscious of creating harmony
on the Earth at this time in the ascension.
Now we come to the part of my communication which I truly wished to express to you. Firstly there is a need to hold within our
consciousness that there are many aspects of the Creator and many ways to express the Creator and that each are of value aiding the
expansion of all. It is wonderful to also remember that through each person’s pathway of ascension and the services that they share
with humanity they and you are learning and understanding what your souls consented to accept in this lifetime. The reality of the Earth
encourages separation due to the physical vibration of the Earth and yet your soul always amplifies the desire and the natural unity and
harmony that you have always experienced with every soul and the Creator. Your ego has also been conditioned to see the
separations and difference between you and others, even you and the Creator, this dissolves as the ego dissolves but can still rear up
at times. If you can dissolve your ego and truly believe in yourself and love yourself unconditionally so you will find love for every soul on
the Earth and the inner planes and so will be able to create harmony. To love yourself and others unconditionally requires that you have
an abundance of energy within you, that you focus on techniques to enhance your energy and breathe in the life force energy of the
Creator to nourish your entire being.
Creating harmony is about acceptance of yourself and others, of course love is always important; to love yourself and to love others
unconditionally always gives way to a united consciousness of harmony. Empowering your own beliefs and understanding is needed,
this isn’t in an egotistical way but it is more the process of giving loving power and strength to yourself, while also giving your loving
power to others as support or acknowledgement. If you find that in a situation that you cannot achieve these pointers then simple hold
onto the energy of harmony, repeat the word ‘harmony,’ in your mind and you will see that its vibration flows and weaves into your being
and reality.
The more that people on the Earth can create vibrations of harmony between each other and discard the vibration of disharmony,
chaos, judgement, fear and separation the easier it will be for all to make necessary shifts of change within our beings.
I realise that I am highlighting the ways of the ego in my communication; this is because greater focus is needed in this area at this
time. I also wish to place within your focus the process and vibration of harmony because at this time the Earth is being energised with
love to create a greater amplification of love on the Earth. If more and more people can focus upon the vibration of harmony at this time
then we will see the walls of separation held onto by the ego falling down with a greater unity and oneness experienced. The
amplification of love is radiating from Venus and so you may wish to open your heart to be aligned with the beautiful vibrations of love
that Venus is transmitting. As you accept and radiate the vibration of love into your entire being and reality you can also be aware that
the vibration of love that you are accepting holds a special thread of magnification which will amplify all the love that you hold. Bathing
in the energy of love offers a wonderful opportunity of focusing upon harmony. Contemplate how harmony would assist your reality if it
was experienced in your life or just repeat the word, ‘harmony,’ and visualise everyone on the Earth uniting in love and harmony.
Let the vibration of love that you receive and that is enhanced within your being truly transform your reality, dissolving separation,
judgement, fear, disharmony and chaos, allowing for harmony, acceptance and unity to evolve from the core strength and power within
your being, your soul.
Let your focus be your power and tool of transformation at this time.
With divine love,
Master Kuthumi

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